Lanny Davis, who has worked in crisis communications and is a former special counsel to President Bill Clinton, talked with John Gambling about the turmoil surrounding President Obama's administration. Benghazi, the IRS scandal, and now the AP phone records probe have left the administration backed into a corner dodging questions.

Davis was highly critical of the way the Obama administration has handled these scandals, especially when it comes to dealing with the media. “They’re always late, they're always slow, and the president himself always seems passive," Davis told John on WOR 710. Davis explained that he is a big supporter of President Obama, but he has done a poor job handling these crises. "You're hearing from an almost 100 percent supporter of the president, saying he's being badly served and his own instincts are not right," Davis said.

Davis didn't hold back in his criticism of the Obama administration while explaining how the White House should be handling these scandals.

Listen to part of John Gambling's interview with Lanny Davis on WOR 710 below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images