(Jen Chung) Three Columbia University students claim the school "dropped the ball" on investigating their rape and sexual assault claims against a student athlete, the NY Post reports today. One said, "I [still] see him everywhere, and he can come into my residence hall — he has access to all of the facilities that I do."

According to the Post, two women accused the athlete of rape and another said he groped her:

"The three women who told The Post they were attacked by the athlete said they were never encouraged by the school to go to cops. In two cases, the school also dragged out their investigations for months, they said. The women allege the athlete assaulted them at various times between fall 2011 and last April.

One woman who said she was raped never got a hearing because of “lack of evidence,’’ the school told her. Another alleged rape victim lost her hearing, and saw her appeal denied. Her case took seven months.

The alleged attacker was found in violation only of the school’s “gender-misconduct code” in the one case involving allegations of groping. But even that case dragged on for so long that his accuser graduated before the ruling came down, so he dodged his only punishment — staying away from her on campus."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images/Mario Tama