Beware of the cicadas New York City. According to the Associated Press, billions of cicadas will be swarming the East Coast any day now. After 17 years underground, these insects will crawl up from underneath the ground and outnumber people from North Carolina to Connecticut 600-1. That's right, 600 cicadas for every one person. Experts say there could be as many as 30 billion cicadas.

The attack of the cicadas isn't as horrible as it sounds. According to the AP's report, cicadas are actually harmless and won't hurt people or animals. In fact, the insects will die after just a few weeks up in the trees.

The cicadas have been underground since 1996, waiting for the ground to reach the precise temperature of 64 degrees. Apparently these bugs will be making their way above ground to have sex and die. Once they die, their offspring will go underground and we won't have to worry about them again until 2030.

When the cicadas come above ground depends on when the ground temperature reaches 64 degrees. By the sound of the AP's report, we will know when the cicadas come above ground by the sound of them mating. So the insects may not be harmful, but they could get loud.

Photo: 2265524729/Shutterstock