Westchester County Executive Rob Astorino has announced he'll seek the Republican nomination in the race for governor of New York.

"I have a simple question for New Yorkers, 'As a state are we winning or are we losing today?"  Astorino asked in an online video.  "Because if New York is winning, re-elect Andrew Cuomo.  But if New York is losing, and the evidence says it is, we need to make a change."

Astorino criticized Cuomo's leadership of the state, saying New York has the highest taxes in the country, the worst business climate the most corrupt government.  He claimed that since Cuomo has been governor, more than 400,000 New Yorkers have moved out of state.

Astorino touted his own record in Westchester County, adding that he got the county back on the "winning track."

"It's because I've governed in a bipartisan and inclusive manner and we've delivered the bold reforms, progress and results that we promised.  We can do the same for all of New York state," Astorino said.

He promised to travel the state asking people whether New York is winning or losing.


Photo Credit: Getty Images