() Days after the police arrested a man suspected of three Brooklyn rapes, the NYPD is asking the public for help on identifying a man wanted for rape as well as a forcible touching incident in the precinct that covers Bushwick.

Police say that on Friday, February 1st, a man approached a 39-year-old woman from behind, "pushed her to the ground and grabbed her buttocks and breasts over her clothing." The victim was able to fight him off, and the suspect ran off on foot.

Then, on Saturday, April 6th, 2013, the NYPD says a 37-year-old woman was inside a building when she was approached from behind "by the suspect who placed an unknown object against her back, demanded money and went through her pockets. The victim said she did not have any money, and the suspect then raped her." Here's video of the suspect after that incident:

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